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Lucas, W. (1985). A study of the perceptual learning of adults age 40 to 60. (Doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, 1985). Dissertation Abstracts International, 46, 924A.


Purpose: This study was based on Cherry’s (1982) recommendation that his study of learning styles be extended to additional populations of learners. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the learning styles of prime-year adults, aged 40 to 60, using the Multi-Modal Paired Associates Learning Test II (MMPALT II) and the Perceptual Modality Preference Survey (PMPS). The population of prime-year adults was selected for this study of adult learning styles because this particular age group has not been previously evaluated in this context. The research questions addressed in this study were:

  1. Do the seven learning styles manifest themselves in prime-year adult learners?
  2. Are there measurable differences in the learning styles of prime-year adults?
  3. Are there identifiable patterns of dominant learning styles among prime-year adult learners?
  4. Do prime-year adult learners’ self-assessments of their perceptual modalities of learning style exhibit positive correlation with their actual learning styles as measured empirically?
  5. Are there meaningful differences, by demographic characteristics, in the identifiable patterns of learning styles of prime-year adults?

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