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Gilley, D. (1975). Personal learning styles: Exploring the individual’s sensory input processes (Doctoral dissertation, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, 1975). Dissertation Abstracts International, 36(08A), 5223.


The purpose of this study was to identify a set of six theoretical styles of learning which have as their base, the individual’s preferential sensory input mode. Styles involved in the study were: visual, aural, haptic, interactive, print, and kinesthetic. The study investigated questions dealing with the individual’s personal style of learning. Assuming that personal learning styles, as defined in this study do exist, the questions to be answered were as follows: Do individual children possess a single dominant style of learning? Do individual children possess multiple dominant styles of learning? Do patterns of learning styles exist among selected groups of children? Do personal learning styles vary with the achievement level of the child? Do personal learning styles vary with the sex of the child?

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