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Dissertations on CDROM

Current List of Dissertations Available on CD ROM

  1. Cherry, Clarence E. Jr.; The Measurement of Adult Learning Styles: Perceptual Modality; August, 1981. (PowerPoint)
  2. Butler, Marsha Gayle; A Study of Relationships Among Perceptual Modality Dominance and Choice of College Major; December, 1994. (PowerPoint and JPG)
  3. Witte, Maria Martinez; A Validation Study of the Relationship of Learning Styles and Mind Styles as Indicated by the Multi-Modal Paired Associates Learning Test III and the Gregoric Style Delineator; August, 1999. (Word Perfect)
  4. Parry, Daniel Lee; The Effect of Perceptual Learning Style and Computer Self-Efficacy on Achievement and Preference for Instruction: A Comparison of Lecture, Computer-Assisted and Internet-Based Instruction; May, 2000. (MS Word)

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