Institute of Learning Styles Research

Introduction to Learning Styles and the PMPS

The term "Learning Style" is used in a variety of ways in the teaching and learning process. Generally, it refers to the uniqueness of each learner. Individual difference might include personality, mental processing, confidence, attitude, sensory intake processes or some complex combination of these and other differences.

The threshold of learning is receiving new information; therefore, sensory intake deserves special attention. Measuring the seven elements of the perceptual modality of learning styles can give the learner valuable information about their sensory processes. The seven perceptual learning styles are print, aural, interactive, visual, haptic, kinesthetic, and olfactory. This survey will help you identify and rank your seven perceptual learning styles. The results of this survey can help you plan your future learning experiences. This is not a test; there are not right or wrong answers. You will be responding to forty-two statements concerning how you best learn. When responding, consider past learning successes and your intuition about how you learn. The response choices are : always, usually, seldom, or never. An always response indicates that the statement is a strong representation of your learning style preference. If a statement is a good way for you to learn, but not your most preferred, you should select usually. Seldom is the response for statements that reflect a way you can learn, but you would prefer other learning methods. A never response is appropriate for a statement that you reject as a way for you to learn.

For best results, it is necessary that you respond to all forty-two statements in the order presented. Do not omit or skip responses. Press the Next button to begin the survey. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy the experience!

NOTE: The Institute for Learning Styles Research does not endorse the validity of this survey instrument. Use it only as a general indicator and not as a basis for making major life decisions.

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